Exit interviews

1. Introduction

Exit interviews provide an objective evaluation of the reasons why employees leave the Authority. The data from the interview can assist the organisation with reducing turnover, improving terms and conditions, highlight good and poor practice and monitor / evaluate Harrow as an employer.

2. Procedure

Exit interviews are offered on a voluntary basis. The immediate line manager will conduct the interview but it may be preferable to the employee if the manager’s manager or personnel conduct either conduct the interview.
Once the employee tenders their resignation, the standard acceptance letter will include the process and invite of an exit interview.

The form and any notes taken during the interview will not be placed on the employees personnel file or form any part of his / her records with the Authority.

The exit interview data will be passed to the Personnel department who will analyse and provide trends to senior management.

Managers and or Personnel carrying out the exit interview will take an objective view of the information received during this process. During the interview if allegations are made concerning the reason for leaving from the employee it may be appropriate for an investigation and possible disciplinary action. Personnel Managers will need to be consulted before any investigations are initiated.

3. Guidance for employees

Our employees are out most important resource. It is therefore very important we understand why employees are leaving. Exit interviews are offered on a voluntary basis. The data collected from an interview will be extremely useful to the organisation in addressing recruitment and retention issue and feedback on the Authority as an employer.
The notes from the exit interview will not be placed on your personnel file and will not form any formal record of your employment.

4. Guidance for managers

When conducting exit interviews it is essential the process is outlined to the employee at the start of the interview. A suggested interview format:

  • Introduction – why we need and seek your views
  • Confidentiality- explain about allegations raised maybe investigated
  • How the information will be used and not retained on file
  • Explain that you will be asking a series of standard questions and taking notes
  • At the end of the interview ask the employee to read the notes/add or amend and sign the form
  • The overall interview should be positive and encouraging
  • The form and notes should be sent to the Personnel office