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SIMS Payroll user group

SIMS system has been updated for salary amounts under the new conditions of employment for all Teachers except the Leadership Group

Spinal Points no longer apply although Schools Pay Policies have their own reference points. However both SIMS and SAP Payroll have been changed to reflect the national position of a minimum and maximum value.

Still to be applied is the performance related pay for staff after the performance review has taken place.

To update SIMS for staff when the new salary is known you should follow the instructions recently issued by SIMS.

Current Issues and Reminders

Multiple Changes to a current contract on the same date

Change of employment – this termination reason should be used when you are making more than one change on a contract from the same date.
Change of employment – this termination reason must also be used when an employee is transferring from temporary to permanent.

Current and future changes for the same employee cannot be entered on the same file.

Why? Because when the SIMS file is transferred to Payroll it compares the latest record to the previous SIMS file that was sent.

In this scenario the latest record will be the second record that has been loaded and the first adjustment will be missed.

In this instance you will need to load the first record allow the file to be transferred and following this load the second record.

Part of the pack handed to you includes a reminder of the correct use of termination reasons and dates for SIMS file transfers

New Starter Paperwork

We have amended the staff appointment form to include the following information that is not included on SIMS:-

  • We have added a box to indicate an NQT  - this is because we need to  identify NQT staff to include appropriate wording in their contract of employment.
  • We have added a box to indicate if a teaching assistant/nursery nurse is qualified or unqualified (applies to special schools only)
  • We have added annual salary for Teachers – this is because Teachers are no longer on spinal points
  • Teachers continuous local government service dates of employment – this is required to work out a Teachers sickness entitlement based on their service

New Starter Reminder

Evidence of right to work must be attached to the Staff Appointment Form – a contract of employment cannot be issued until the right to work has been provided. This is a particular issue that causes delays over the holiday periods especially for September starters.

A DBS or signed pro forma needs to be provided – again this has been a cause of delay of contracts over the holiday periods.

The Harrow Criminal Declaration form is being updated as an interim measure until revised School Application Forms for teaching and non teaching staff have gone through consultation with Schools.

The revised application form will be sent to you in due course, for you to comment on.

Paper Instructions and emails

To remind you that paper instructions are no longer actioned unless it is for the following:-

  • New staff appointment forms
  • Acting up
  • Maternity
  • Head teacher pay changes
  • Staff absences that have missed the correct download
  • Overtime and casual claim forms
  • One off payments
  • Differentials
  • Any item that Payroll have requested you to send in

Cutoff date for Payroll

Please note the guaranteed date for Payroll Processing is the submission date of the last SIMS file. Only in exceptional circumstances - starters, leavers and potential overpayments -will changes be accepted after this date

Movement of staff between Harrow Schools

In order for the process to work correctly on SIMS both schools need to follow the correct process. It is recommended in this instance that the two schools contact each other to co-ordinate the employee change. SIMS flowcharts 1 and 8 explain this process.

Local R&R

If you are creating a new R&R with a new description that wasn't’t previously on SIMS you will need to email the SAP support team so that the new allowance can be included in the interface.

Termination reason starting ….end of…..

If a termination reason starts with the words …end of…it means that that employment contract has been permanently ended. If this is the employees only contract it means a P45 will be issued and the employee will be made a leaver.

Do not use end of temporary contract , end of casual contract or end of fixed term contract if an existing employee’s contract is being extended or changed. In this instance you should use a termination reason of ‘Change of employment’

Non teaching staff changing contracts on 1st September

Non teaching staff who are having a change of contract in September should have the end date of the previous contract shown as 31st August.

Only when non teaching staff are leaving at the end of the summer term should you show the last date as the last day of term e.g. 24th July.

Future Changes

HRD and Shared Services are undertaking a service transformation that will go live in April 2015.

There are some exciting new features as part of this change:-

  • A new intranet called HR4Schools is being set up that will hold all the information Schools require around Harrow Policies , School Policies , Payroll and Pensions information.
  • An automated process for notifying Schools of monitoring of tasks will  be introduced. In future Schools will be emailed when temporary contracts are due to finish.
  • A new dedicated call centre is being introduced to answer telephone and email enquiries from staff
  • Overtime forms and Fees casual forms will be provided in electronic version so that schools can send them through electronically at the end of the month
  • DBS policy change being introduced that allows staff to register with the DBS service so that DBSs become portable.

School agenda items

Timescales for production of contracts. (Assuming all information received)

It is important to understand the relationship between the SIMS files being sent to Payroll and the production of contracts of employment. From January 2014 the SLA is to send out contracts of employment for new starters within a week of receipt of the SIMS file. So this means that any newstarters that are input into SIMS after the final file has been received won’t be processed by Payroll until the next file is received the following month. For example the final SIMS file for January is collected on 9th January, arrives in Payroll on 10th January and the next file won’t be received until 29th January.

If you were to load a newstarter on SIMS on 11th January it will likely be 4 weeks before the employee receives the contract of employment, assuming that all the pre employment paperwork has been received. However newstarters that are included on the file of 9th January should expect to receive their contract within a week.

Please note that there may be a delay in producing contracts where files are received prior to School Holiday periods. In the event there are queries on these newstarters there may not be staff available in the Schools to assist and this could lead to a delay.

With regards to amendments to contracts of employment for existing staff the aim will be to produce amended contract letters within seven working days of receipt of the SIMS files for current or back dated changes. Notification of advanced changes will be a lower priority and will be produced as soon as practicable following the current month’s payroll run.

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