Dates of Payroll Closedown

Employees often enquire why an instruction issued to this office at some date prior to the monthly salary payment (normally 25th of the month) is not actioned in the same month. The explanation is quite simple, in order to process the monthly payments payroll staff work to a very tight timescale and data changes need to be with the payroll office by the dates listed below.

This means that any information submitted beyond the deadline will not be processed until the following month, (e.g. if you changed your bank details on 1st June and informed HR & OD Services on the 9th June, the first payment that will be credited to your new account will be the July payment). Please therefore ensure that this office is informed of any change of circumstance as soon as possible. Please see below the closedown dates up to March 2022.

2020/21 Dates
April Tuesday 6 April 2021
May Thursday 6 May 2021
June Monday 7 June 2021
July Tuesday 6 July 2021
August Friday 6 August 2021
September Monday 6 September 2021
October Wednesday 6 October 2021
November Friday 5 November 2021
December Thursday 2 December 2021
January Thursday 6 January 2022
February Monday 7 February 2022
March Monday 7 March 2022