Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection policy

1. Introduction

1.1 It is recognised that the Council operates within an environment in which other organisations are competing for the same talent and the Council understands the value of making well-informed recruitment and selection decisions. This, supported by effective induction, will improve the Council’s ability to attract and retain employees as well as achieve full potential by meeting the Council’s priorities.

1.2 This Policy should be read in conjunction with the Council’s Recruitment & Selection Procedure.

2. Policy Statement

2.1 Harrow Council will recruit, select and promote all employees in an open, fair, effective and efficient manner. We recognise that recruiting and selecting the right people is central to the provision of high quality services. Harrow will adopt a proactive approach towards equality and diversity when recruiting and selecting staff.

3. Scope

3.1 This Policy applies to all individuals involved in recruitment and selection of permanent and fixed-terms employees directly employed with Harrow Council.

3.2 Harrow redeployees must be considered in accordance with the Council’s Protocol for Managing Organisational Change. The principles of the Recruitment & Selection Procedure should be followed when redeployees are being considered for vacant posts.

3.3 It is strongly recommended for adoption by School Governing bodies following consultation with their staff, and governing bodies are urged to adhere to the principles outlined within this policy.

4. Principles

4.1 The Council will promote best practice throughout recruitment and selection processes, and expect that these are carried out in a lawful, efficient and cost effective manner. In this way the interests of the Council and its reputation as a fair employer will be protected.

4.2 The principles are designed to ensure that:

  • Processes are applied in a consistent, fair and open manner;
  • All forms of unlawful discrimination are avoided;
  • Safeguarding and pre-employment checks are carried out;
  • Current legislation is complied with.

4.3 Equality & Diversity
It is unlawful to discriminate directly or indirectly in recruitment and employment because of any of the nine “protected characteristics” in the Equality Act 2010. These are age, disability, gender reassignment marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, sex, sexual orientation and religion or belief.

In line with best practice, references to an individual’s name, address and their protected characteristics will not be released to the recruitment panel prior to interview and will be collated separately for equal opportunities monitoring purposes only. This assures the Council that shortlisting is carried out on the basis of an assessment of knowledge, skills and experience against the requirements of the post.

Applicants will however be asked to provide information relating to their disability which will be disclosed to the recruitment panel to ensure that reasonable adjustments may be considered and made during the selection process and to the work environment.

4.4 Confidentiality

Application forms and all associated paperwork will be treated as strictly confidential and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Applicants will have the right to access any documentation held on them in accordance with the Act.

Anonymous monitoring of all applicants is carried out on the different social identity groups as provided by each applicant. Monitoring is reported annually.

4.5 Safeguarding

The Council will use a range of pre-employment checks to assess the suitability of candidates, as part of measures to safeguard the welfare of clients, ensure the right to work, and manage any potential risk of financial and reputational damage to the council.

4.6 Complaints

All complaints relating to recruitment and selection will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

5. Compliance

5.1 Failure to comply with the Recruitment and Selection Policy and processes or any acts that will or may result in unlawful discrimination may lead to disciplinary action.

5.2 The Policy and Procedure will be updated to reflect changes in legislation and best practice.